South Dakota seeks more polluting industries linked to mass killings

South Dakota is inviting the firearms and ammunition industry to come pollute the state according to this AP report published at SFGate:
South Dakota officials say they made some promising contacts with outdoors businesses while attending last month's Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas. State Economic Development Commissioner Pat Costello says South Dakota officials have attended the show for the past 12 years.
Minnesota is still cleaning up after one of her 'job creators:'
The New Brighton/Arden Hills Superfund site, which is comprised of the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant and its associated property, is a federal Superfund site located in Arden Hills, Minnesota. Contamination resulting from past ammunition manufacturing operations at the facility has been identified in groundwater, soil, sediment and surface water.
South Dakota, of course, don't give one shit about environmental protection or whom is killed by products manufactured in that struggling, red moocher state where liability for deaths due to firearms exist only in an alternate universe.


Kal Lis said...

Thanks for posting this one, Larry.

I guess the state needs a special manufacturer to provide guns for the school pistoliers it may soon sanction.

larry kurtz said...

Thanks for stopping by, LK: looks like we've pretty much herded most of the wackos into DWC where they'll do little harm to anyone.

freegan said...

The gun debate rap news


Stan Gibilisco said...

Maybe they'll come here to Lead.

Then we can pronounce the name of our town the way it looks at first glance.