Joy of sects: Schoenbeck member of pedophile religious cult...and NRA

I don’t know mr welke [sic], but he should attend an NRA banquet and see what we look like – not exactly the people he has obviously heard about. On the bright side, there are many good Counselling [sic] options for him in the Aberdeen area, no matter what the delusion.--earth hater and member Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers, Lee Schoenbeck.
Smug little fucker. This guy says he's a lawyer and knows Bill Janklow raped Jacinta Eagle Deer: think he doesn't have clergy for clients? My guess is that he has a tiny dick as well as shitty orthographic skills.

Astronaut Mark Kelley says the NRA employs extreme rhetoric.

Bennett Gershman is a professor at Pace University Law School and former Manhattan prosecutor. He writes in the online edition of the White Plains Journal News:
Indeed, the biggest fomenter of hysteria and paranoia over guns, the biggest fear-mongerer and bully of all, is the NRA and its leaders. Why would any responsible gun owner have anything to do with the NRA?

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