Thune is christian nationalist, earth hater

Senator don Juan Thune (earth hater-SD) voted for President Obama's American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.

South Dakota's junior senator is on a statewide apology tour after his party's unrelenting, brutal assaults on women, civil liberties, and the Earth.

His staff just penned early damage control a position paper for him in a local newspaper blaming the Environmental Protection Agency for not completely caving to the industries that paid him big money to defeat former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. Here's an excerpt lifted from the Rapid City Journal:
In late December, the Obama White House announced that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson would be leaving her post as the agency’s top official. With Jackson in charge at the EPA, Otter Tail Power, which was the lead developer of the Big Stone II project in South Dakota, made the decision in September 2009 to pull out of the project, citing uncertainty associated with proposed and existing federal environmental regulations.
Even now, Big Stone relies on the dirtiest coal as it spreads mercury, lead and other heavy metal oxides over Minnesota and other downwind states after courts ended most cross-state pollution compacts.

Thune blames the EPA for causing utility rate increases ignoring his own party's election to the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission even as it trumpets that price gouging.

Senator Thune's campaign contributors have teamed up to force EPA to allow toxic compounds in uranium extraction.

He is in the minority party in the Senate so his only hope is to compromise with Democrats in his efforts to end federal environmental protection in his dying state.

The Journal is a GOP-owned publication that owes its existence to favors for that party: it chose a Thune photo taken when the politico was a mere child having just graduated from a California bible college.

Recently, veteran Mitchell Daily Republic reporter, Denise Ross mentioned on Bill Janklow's idea of public radio that if John Thune really intends to enter the 2016 presidential race he will have to succeed at some policy initiative: a feat left undone in his laggard six years in the Senate.

This senator is rumored to be a womanizer. His hometown of Mud-ro, a homely, barren outpost on I-90, announced the dedication of a public building named in his father's honor: gawd....

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