Bacteria in pink slime killed Minnesota man; gun war was planned

The Rapid City Journal is reporting that legislators in the chemical toilet plan to hype economic development in a failed red state. Here is how companies in South Dakota treat end-users:
Minnesota health officials suspect that E. coli tainted ‘lean finely textured beef’ made by Beef Products, Inc., sickened at least five people in the state in 2009, killing one of them. Now, as BPI pursues a lawsuit against ABC News and two former USDA microbiologists who raised objections about their product, the company must defend itself from accusations that treating beef trim with ammonia did not kill deadly pathogens.--DAVID KNOWLES / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Feeding this shit to students forced into school lunch programs is child abuse.

Boycott this stupid state. The toxic environment in the backwater is pervasive and pernicious: flee South Dakota while you still can.

How cap and trade could solve the debt ceiling hassle.

In the '60s and '70s the NRA pushed gun control out of fear of the Black Panther Movement and now the temporary spikes in gun and ammo sales are boosting stock prices for weapons manufacturers.

But this spike will collapse as people barricade themselves in their homes and the NRA wins as President Obama's measures to keep the economy from tanking fail.

It's as if the NRA planned the last ten years of gun violence in the US as we are fucked no matter what happens.


Bill Dithmer said...

Larry what can you tell me about Tularosa before we go down there to look at land? We found 42 acres north of town on the river just off of 70 that we really like. Got to get the fuck out of this state.

The Blindman

larry kurtz said...

Warmer, drier climate than Santa Fe County for one thing, Bill. Personally have not been in Tularosa but anything with water is quite valuable.

Email me if you decide to come look?

Nadene said...

Hope you guys get to see the Tularosa area. Lots to see: White Sands, Three Rivers Petroglyphs, El Malpais, Tularosa's 49 Blocks, Round Mountain, Oliver Lee State Park... and more in the Sacramentos!

Bill Dithmer said...

Thank you Larry and Nadene. I haven't been back here for a couple of days, I've been getting into trouble elsewhere.
We really like the country down there and are serious about moving. When I asked the real estate man at United Country if there was fishing on the river he told me there was until I pointed out that there was one waterfall on the property and another a mile south. Oh well you cant have everything. We are going down later in the year, Belinda says I need to have a couple of surgeries before we leave here to do anything.

The Blindman

Anonymous said...