Thursday, July 28, 2011

Which Lee newspaper on ip's beat has the stupidest readers?

Sometimes, i just shake my head; sometimes i pee my pants. See if you can match the readers to their papers:

Rich can pay more taxes (81) Comments
There is no debt crisis (60) Comments
Republicans are the good guys (51) Comments
U.S. Postal Service considers closing 43 Wyoming post offices (33) Comments
Car collectors are targeted (30) Comments
Where are the tough guys? (20) Comments
Wyoming protesters urge debt ceiling compromise (15) Comments
Pass the medicine (14) Comments

Raid could set up first test for new medical marijuana law in Ravalli County (55) Comments
Wolf advocates challenge delisting at Missoula hearing (54) Comments
Police checkpoints: They are an obscenity to freedom (51) Comments
Debt limit: Is Obama a hypocrite or a liar? (45) Comments
Missoula committee to look at 3 options for dog leashes (38) Comments
Amendment delisting gray wolves faces court challenge Tuesday (34) Comments
Barack Obama: Our president is the MAN (33) Comments
Length of sentences continues to be a challenge in DUI fatalities (31) Comments

Democrats use scare tactics
We deserve a balanced budget
Zeeland couple opening mosque in Goodrich meets backlash
Congress should think of others
Tracking the debt in history

Worries about debt rising once again
Johnson blasts "cut, cap, balance" debt proposal; Thune calls it "right solution"
Premier closing a serious blow to Spearfish
Trademark opponents call for boycott of Sturgis merchandise
Legion: Rivalry game worth the wait for Post 22
Group plans initiated measure to hike state sales tax
26 West River post offices eyed for possible closure
O'REILLY: Cheating, lying now the norm

Deficit blame lies with former Bush leadership
Helena cat killer back in jail
Fights in Memorial Park result in arrests
Voters split on raising debt ceiling
‘One-pot’ meth cookers highly toxic
Commission looks at ways to keep roads safe from distracted drivers
Tester likes 'Gang of 6' debt plan
Spending is the problem

Joliet man accused of shooting 55 dogs in serious condition (39) Comments
Gazette opinion: Congress must avert U.S. credit crisis (35) Comments
Dozens of Montana, Wyoming post offices under study for closure (31) Comments
Pet returns home after 3 months on the lam (26) Comments
Wolf law challenged as hunts loom in Idaho, Montana (22) Comments

Tea Party risking the financial stability of Americans
Some folks not too pleased with EK Days
Injury cancels EK finale
Pool bond heading to voters
NCAT’s coffee hut target of suit
Longtime arts foundation director resigns
Butte teachers offered one-year contract
Our readers speak: Rehberg should represent all Americans, not just the rich

Any wonder why the House of Representatives is a Republican outhouse?

In no order: Bismarck Tribune, Missoulian, Billings Gazette, Montana Standard, Casper Trib, Helena IR, Rapid City Journal.

Hey, you Lee superstars: pool your stock and buy your papers.

From Think Progress (h/t Cory):
In response to this unique catastrophe, an artist has set up an installation at the University of Wyoming connecting the burning of coal to a breakdown of the environment. The 36-foot diameter piece, called “Carbon Sink: What Goes Around Comes Around,” is made up of a spiral array of beetle-infested wood covered in coal.
Mary Garrigan has an updated report on Attorney General Eric Holder's visit to Rapid City and Wounded Knee.

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