Red state failure: Montana's assault on civil liberties continues

If you are a cop or clergy you're probably a psychopath.

Missouri River Drug Task Force detectives and informants who framed a Bozeman man should be forced to identify themselves.
Quantities were not specified in court documents except in one case when detectives said they could hear the informant saying he wanted to buy a quarter ounce. During one interaction, the seller was heard describing the marijuana [sic] as “West Coast sour diesel.”--Jodi Hausen, Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Scum of the earth is the only way to describe those who would abridge the rights conferred by the First Amendment while holding the Second Amendment as an absolute.

Armed with another black budget for these fuckers Montana scored a miserable D+ in state accountability to its residents.

Can Montana really afford this network to score a few ounces of weed? WTF!?

Are you aspiring to South Dakota's 'F' in accountability, Montanans? Reverse the Wyomingization of Montana now!

Jake Wagner is MRDTF Lieutenant in Gallatin County: call him at 406-582-2110 and urge him to stand down.

Happy Stupid-Gregorian-Calendar-That-Makes-No-Sense-To-Anyone Day.

Boycott Montana.

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