Snow: yes, there are liberals in Pierre

Gary Snow operates Gary Snow [and] Associates Inc.: a company that provides environmental consulting and contracting services throughout South Dakota. He is a former staffer of the late Sen. George McGovern and wrote this in the Pierre Capital Journal:
Before the tar is heated and the chickens plucked, I hasten to define what I mean by that egregious label. As the editor was generous in pointing out in his column, “liberal” comes from the same Latin base as “liberty.” This may be a surprise to our conservative community, but there are actually people who live in Pierre who believe that Christianity may not hold all the answers. There are many other examples that define the liberal and conservative label, such as the right to choose, eminent domain, environmental stewardship, prison reform, unemployment benefits, health care reform, racism and reconciliation – the list is endless. Liberals don’t just make stuff for us to use or all live in California. They live among us and continue to push for things that never were and believe our greatest days are in the future and not in vain attempt to return to an imaginary past.

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freegan said...

Here is a video of some folks doing something about our future, we are in fact doing the same upon the mountain we live, "we are on the leading edge of a wave whos time has come".There is a lot of things like this happening right here in Montana and all over. I do believe we all create our own reality and this is one example of what our family is working torwards.