Montana bill seeks to establish public/religionist instruction

ACLU of Montana has had its hands full as it tries to keep up with that state's christofascists. After vowing appeal of Donaldson, et al. v State of Montana, it has turned attention to creationism in public instruction. Maryb takes aim at HB 183:
An act encouraging the Board of Public Education to emphasize critical thinking in instruction related to controversial scientific theories on the origin of life; clarifying the duty of the Board of Public Education to include the basic instructional program in the Board's standards of accreditation; encouraging teachers to foster critical thinking; protecting teachers who present alternative viewpoints regarding controversial scientific theories.
HB 104 would make a woman's uterus a crime scene after a miscarriage.

Montana's red state legislature is leading in the nut race with South Dakota while New Mexico's is coming up on the outside with the fetus as evidence of rape bill.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph: give me strength.

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