Sirota: expect right wing terrorism to continue

The NRA spent $3 million greasing DC's revolving door in 2012.

After his right wing-owner/broadcaster canned David Sirota for his leftist leanings he has come out swinging with this essay in Salon. He says:
There are four revealing stories to be gleaned from the Aggrieved Conservative Backlash™ to an exhaustive and sober new West Point Combatting Terrorism Center report on “Understanding America’s Violent Far-Right.” Regularly championed by conservatives, this particularly pernicious strain of “political correctness” says we somehow can’t talk about (or in this case, even study) anything that offends the political ideology of the conservative movement.
Are YOU ready for holy war?

The State of Washington announced schedule of cannabis fora.

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freegan said...

The left is guilty as well, your vote no longer changes ANYTHING !!!Nothing but a fascist demockery.