Tester talks Citizens United with Maher; Baucus wants amendment

Montana Street Fighter offers a local perspective here. Baucus piece in the Billings Gazette.

Bill Maher brings his irreverent, usually bawdy perspective to the Santa Fe Convention Center 17 February.

Readers of Mount Blogmore know the wisdom and patience of bearcreekbat: attorney, judge or law professor my guess. Here's a stolen snip:
So there is the disconnect. While the Federalist Papers help us understand the Constitution, they simply do not address the subsequently proposed Bill of Rights. Please understand, I agree with Heller and MacDonald, but neither case asserts that the 2nd Amendment limits the power of the federal government to enact reasonable regulations on guns, ammo, and their use. Thus, the argument is about what is reasonable, not what the 32nd Amendment prohibits.

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