NOAA: Global warming confirmed

Caterpillar boycott a response to profits from Israel settlements in Palestine.

Surprise: US 29th healthiest country!

The National Weather Service in Aberdeen links the Anthropocene to planetary warming.
A new compilation of temperature records etched into ice cores, old corals, and lake sediment layers reveals a pattern of global warming from 1880 to 1995 comparable to the global warming trend recorded by thermometers. In addition to their shared long-term trend, many smaller-scale features also appear in both the paleoclimate and instrument temperature records. This paleoclimate dataset used 173 independent proxy datasets to draw a record from 1730 to 1995. For example, the warm interval of the 1940s in the global surface temperature record also appears in the paleoclimate record. Both records also show that the global warming in the last 15 years of the record (1980–1995) is significantly faster than that of the long-term trend (1880–1995).--NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)


freegan said...

Better do some more investigating with less of the "profiteers" info.
Watch this for another perspective

I value others opinions so lets hear what yours.

freegan said...

Also another thery here on "an electric universe"

larry kurtz said...

Yikes, bro: more on solar activity at NatGeo.

Last time you scared me with this shit I shorted my SIRI stock at 2.62 and now it just cracked 3.00!

freegan said...

This ones interesting as well

larry kurtz said...

Nader: solution to slowing climate change is carbon tax.

freegan said...

The Story of Cap & Trade

Gov't is not the solution, IT IS THE PROBLEM ..

larry kurtz said...

California carbon trading is already guiding other state legislatures as they seek to put a price on anthropogenic impact.

Montana is en queue, bro.

freegan said...

We are only going after the symptoms and ignoring the problems as usual. We need to focus on why we have these problems in the first place....We will all eventually get it.

Stan Gibilisco said...

No doubt the earth is warming. I believe that much of it, recently, is human-caused.

But I cannot prove the cause.

Nor can I believe that a carbon tax would solve the problem. (If it were only that simple!)

As for the NatGeo thing on solar storms, these events occur every sunspot cycle.

In fact this cycle is forecast to peak out as lower intensity than the several past ones.

Ham radio operators (such as myself) look forward to sunspot cycle peaks because they correlate with improved radio-wave propagation on the shortwave bands, especially from 10 to 30 MHz.

Our increasingly fragile electronic infrastructure has become more vulnerable now than it was as recently as, say, 1990.


Stan Gibilisco said...

The root of the problem ...




freegan said...

Global petro-capitalism is not working so well either.

Stan Gibilisco said...

We are addicted to overbreeding and petro-capitalism both.

We, as a species!

I see no real way out other than a series of quite unpalatable catastrophes.

Back when I lived in South Beach Miami, I wrote the environmental column for a cool rag (while it lasted) called, of all things, "SouthBeach Magazine."

In one piece I brought up the notion of "geo-immunity." Mother Earth could actually mount a reaction against humanity as an invading pathogen, in much the same way as the human body mounts reactions to cure us of, for example, the nasty crud that made my holidays somewhat less than merry.

The earth as an organism, as a living thing ... suppose that it decides, in its great wisdom, that it has had enough of us, just as my own body decided, of its own wisdom and without my having to give it any conscious effort, to rid itself of the little viruses that were making it so miserable?

I believe that in fact humanity as a species is doomed to suffer this type of attack, not once, but likely over and over.

Hurricanes, volcaones, earthquakes, pandemics ... Mother Earth has her way.

One particularly spooky thought, which occurred to me during one of those long beach walks that seem like such a distant memory these days, was the notion that if the world were to be completely rid of humanity, that if we all were to simply pass from the scene as no longer relevant to this planet or this universe, it would not be a big deal on a cosmic scale. Not a big crisis or anything ...

... so if we wish to survive, we must change ourselves in fundamental ways that no government, no system, no ideology at present even has a clue about.

Have a nice day (anyway)!

freegan said...

Perfectly stated Mr. Gibilisco

larry kurtz said...

The Kevin Drum piece on lead got both Cory and lizard's attentions, too.

Self-extirpation you guys? How gloomy.

larry kurtz said...

Draft Climate Assessment here. Report on climate change trolls here.

freegan said...

An alternative hypothesis of climate change

Anonymous said...

Global warming? No, actually we're cooling, claim scientists
A cold Arctic summer has led to a record increase in the ice cap, leading experts to predict a period of global cooling.


They Want to Blame You

Anonymous said...


Nature can, selectively, buffer human-caused global warming, say scientists
The satellite observations have shown that warming of the tropical Indian Ocean and tropical Western Pacific Ocean -- with resulting increased precipitation and water vapor there -- causes the opposite effect of cooling in the TTL region above the warming sea surface. Once the TTL cools, less water vapor is present in the TTL and also above in the stratosphere.

Since water vapor is a very strong greenhouse gas, this effect leads to a negative feedback on climate change. That is, the increase in water vapor due to enhanced evaporation from the warming oceans is confined to the near- surface area, while the stratosphere becomes drier. Hence, this effect may actually slightly weaken the more dire forecasted aspects of an increasing warming of our climate, the scientists say.