State-funded Brookings French salted fat factory to rely on socialized dairies

USDA's Milk Income Loss Contract Program (MILC), administered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA), compensates dairy producers when domestic milk prices fall below a specified level. The Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 (2008 Farm Bill), as amended by the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, authorizes MILC through Sept. 30, 2013. The program has no set funding level. [Farm Service Agency, US Department of Agriculture]
OMG: I'm becoming Sibby!
Congress has been working on a five-year, $500 billion farm bill, but efforts to pass a new law have been slowed first over how much the country’s popular food stamp program should be cut. More recently, the debate has focused on the scope of subsidies to dairy farmers. Lawmakers responsible for crafting a final bill hoped to have it ready for floor debate in the middle of January, but there is growing uncertainty about whether the law can be completed this month. [Christopher Doering, Concern grows as farm bill languishes, Sioux Falls Argus Leader]
Real estate values in Brookings County are rebounding from the horrors of the Bush era.
Some officials in the Dakotas are sparring good-naturedly over whether the North or the South is better off. North Dakota's energy boom has money flowing into the state coffers and the state economy. But South Dakota also has a strong economy and low unemployment, and some leaders there say that state has a better quality of life. [KFGO, Fargo, North Fucking Dakota]

Senate Republican Leader Tim Rave, of Baltic, says he doubts the Legislature would expand Medicaid to the full extent envisioned by the federal health care overhaul. But he says lawmakers likely will discuss seeking federal approval to extend coverage to a smaller group of low-income people. [AP, KELO teevee]
What's the world coming to? The ridiculous right is revolting: Agenda 21, a Negro President.
Lora Hubbel hasn’t had health insurance in 20 years, but she’s no fan of the new federal health care program. In fact, the Republican candidate for governor wants to scrap Obamacare. Some folks say it needs to be repealed and replaced. She simply wants it gone. Instead of resigning to the fact that Obamacare will be implemented, Hubbel said, she decided to run for governor. [Scott Waltman, Candidate for governor pushing platform of opposition, Aberdeen American News]

South Dakota's earth hater governor is feeling the sting of his party's rebellion against him and his inability to reverse the state's failure to thrive. Ag producers have destroyed shelterbelts to plant industrial crops that deplete aquifers and now drought is blowing toxin-laden silt into downwind states.

A staff member writing on Gov. Daugaard's behalf in the Vermillion Plain Talk even invoked dead, brutal former Governor Bill Janklow, the clown who began the descent of his party and created the chemical toilet by dismantling environmental protection:
Still, I must oppose the erosion of our broad sales tax base through repeated, minor exemptions that ignore our overarching policy goals. Voters, taxpayers and the public in general don’t have an association, interest group, or lobbyists. As your governor, I believe it’s my responsibility to speak for the people. It’s my job to work on behalf of the unorganized many against the interests of the organized few. Let’s keep our tax rates low by asking everyone to share in the responsibility to pay.
Think this executive isn't worried about GOP's national demise as the local earth hater party continues its assault on an African-American president instead of working to advance the success of the nation?

Remember: South Dakota is a moocher state dependent on the feds to exist.

I had to laugh like Hell.

Just a reminder: former SOS Gant employee, Pat Powers fled his hometown, Pierre...at least twice...for the Peoples Republic of Brookings. Why? Because the state's capital is a shit hole.
You know, I’m shameless when it comes to candidate and VIP photos. But after I get them, I always think I look terrible in them. Case in point, one I just got today from a few months back. It was a good event, and Mike was an excellent speaker. But I look at myself, and go “yuck." Maybe I’m as hypercritical of myself as I’ve ever been, and just hate photos of myself because it amplifies it, as I’m doing so today as I choose an official “Realtor” photo, and find myself rejecting most of them. Anyway, here’s a picture of US Senate candidate Mike Rounds and myself. (At least the guy on the left looks good).--Pat Powers, South Dakota War Toilet.
From my inbox:

Dear South Dakota MoveOn member,

I created a petition on SignOn.org to Governor Dennis Daugaard, which says:

We call on Governor Daugaard to support expanded Medicaid to the poor, for these reasons:

1. Denial of health care to the poor is health care rationing, which we abhor;
2. Poor people who access emergency rooms are a burden on health care providers and increase the cost to other patients;
3. The federal government will pay almost 100% of the cost;
4. If the fear is that the federal government will renege on its bargain to pay, the legislature can enact a "circuit-breaker" provision;
5. South Dakota cannot ignore its responsibility to citizens who are ill or injured or have life-threatening conditions; health care is a human right.

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


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