Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yanktonai sue dam fund

More than a dozen Ihanktonwan survivors of the Missouri River dam flooding in the 1950s have banded together to seek compensation from the Yankton Sioux Tribal Business and Claims Committee:
The tribal plan notes that more than $8 million was expected to become available to the Yankton Sioux for the first fiscal year of the government expenditure program, ending Sept. 30, 2014. The survivors’ families were fee-land owners and heirs who had obtained private property under an allotment act. Their holdings were not tribal lands, although they were considered part of the reservation jurisdiction, according to administrative and case law. [Talli Nauman, Native Sun News via indianz]
Moral hazard is the flip side of self-reliance.

Lawsuits are waiting to be filed by animal rights groups furious after livestock producers who allowed thousands of cattle, horses and sheep to perish in an October blizzard are getting relief from industry groups:
Silvia Christen, executive director of the South Dakota Stockgrowers Association, said she never dreamed the Rancher Relief Fund would top $4 million. [Deb Holland, Rapid City Journal]
Representative Kristi Noem (earth hater-SD) is facing fallout after her inability to produce a food/farm bill left many of her donors without a federal safety net.

Pressler bid stumps Rounds.

Benda-gate flattens Rounds.

Stock plunging for 9 million dollar man.

Short, balding former governor stumbling.

Sin dogging white catholic former governor.

Read it here.

While hundreds queue up as Colorado begins 2014 with legal cannabis, a candidate for the Sioux Falls City Council is telling voters about his work with the Marijuana Policy Project in Denver to pass Amendment 64 and to draft South Dakota's 2010 Initiated Measure 13. His website posted this statement:
I will not give up this fight for South Dakotans. I will build off my experience from the 2010 campaign, our experience in the legislature, and my work in Colorado to improve our strategy for passing marijuana legalization in the future. Prohibition is an all around failure. Lawmakers and voters in other states are figuring out that we can’t arrest our way to a solution for drug problems. We’re not treating addictions by locking up users, and we’re holding back from harnessing a highly lucrative industry that could pay for the treatment needs of those who are truly addicted. By keeping marijuana illegal, we’re perpetuating a vast underground market that makes drug dealers rich and puts patients in harms way. We must figure out a sensible solution for South Dakota. [Emmett Reistroffer: A Bold Vision for Sioux Falls Council]


Anonymous said...

Come on now! That's fiscal responsibility and we all need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps! Lynn G.

larry kurtz said...

It is so outrageous, Lynn: sleaze is continually touted as a GOP asset.