USDA investigating rogue agency

Want to help Congress advance a farm bill? Urge your congressional delegation to defund Wildlife Services.

While failed red states like South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho celebrate the extermination of apex predators for unsustainable short-term gain, Congress has chosen to allow horses to suffer and die in pens and on public ground.

From my inbox:
Dear Larry,
I have good news to share.
Last fall, our BioGems Defenders sent more than 90,000 messages to the Department of Agriculture’s Inspector General, demanding an investigation of “Wildlife Services” -- a rogue government agency that kills thousands of wild animals every year.
Our voices were heard!
The Inspector General’s office recently announced plans to conduct a long overdue investigation of this taxpayer-funded wildlife extermination program.
Now we need your help to make sure they follow through -- and end this secretive and senseless attack on wildlife for good!
Please send a message to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, urging him to support this investigation and help ensure an unflinching review of this disturbing agency’s “predator control methods.”
Wildlife Services -- part of the Department of Agriculture -- spends tens of millions of our tax dollars to “resolve conflicts” with wildlife -- by using poisons, traps, aerial gunning and other brutal methods.
As a result, more than 100,000 native carnivores -- including wolves, bobcats, foxes and black bears -- are being wiped out every year.
We may be at a turning point in this fight -- one that will determine whether the agency will carry on with its wildlife killing spree ... or if it will finally be held responsible and forced to stop.
Please call on Secretary Vilsack right now to support a far-reaching investigation into this vicious assault on our nation’s wildlife. The lives of hundreds of thousands of animals are depending on it.
Frances Beinecke, President
Natural Resources Defense Council


Anonymous said...

Obviously members of the Natural Resources Defense Council are well meaning city people who are out of their element. Perhaps they should try and "fix things" in their own back yards where they probably understand the "wild life" issues better. ~B. Nygn

larry kurtz said...

Fascinating. That’s a great point. Thanks for bringing it up. We’ll be sure to expand on it in future posts and comments.