Thune, Noem add pork for donors

Sen. John Thune and U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem’s offices announced this week that $1.5 million will be added to the Black Hills National Forest’s 2014 budget. The Forest Service said the money will be used to remove additional bug-infested trees. A recent report by the South Dakota state forester alleged that loggers were cutting healthy trees along with the bug-infested ones. [Meredith Colias, Rapid City Journal]

You just can't make up this crap.
From Oct. 1, 2012, to Sept. 30, 2013, Lawrence County cut 48,000 non-commercial trees on Black Hills National Forest land. Meade County cut 6,214 trees on federal land while Pennington County cut 3,217 during that same period. According to the report criticizing Meade County’s management of the cut and chunk project, John Ball, a South Dakota State University Extension forestry specialist, claims the majority of the trees marked and cut were not infested, meaning within treated stands the crews caused more tree mortality than the beetles. Commissioner Alan Aker, who supervised the Meade County cut and chunk program, says the state ag department’s report is false. Aker, who also owns Aker Woods Company that was contracted to mark and cut infested trees, says that less than three percent of trees cut had no sign of infestation. According to Aker, those trees were cut to ensure worker safety. South Dakota spent $1.9 million in fiscal year 2012 in the ongoing fight against mountain pine beetles. An additional $2.4 million was spent in fiscal year 2013. The governor’s office anticipates appropriating $3.7 million, in fiscal year 2014. [Pierre Capital Journal]
A university extension specialist working for the state questioning a Republican former legislator about contracts on federal ground: priceless.

Wyoming-based land rapers job creators, Neiman Sawmills has bought off marshaled forces to grease assist LawCo politicos with at least 50,000 simoleans in their efforts to fool voters stem the imagined pine beetle epidemic.

In 2012, the company donated $50,000 cash and an additional $50,000 for in-kind services to the Lawrence County program. Neiman says the company will continue in-kind services, though it's not yet been determined how much for 2013.
Or what: get sued into bankruptcy for moving the insects in timber more efficiently with logging trucks along public highways and Forest Service roads to the mill for the last 50+ years? Now 3 mills that i know of, operating a virtual monopoly and lobbying heavily in Pierre to pump the handle(s).

Fuck these people...too! The bug is removing one of the biggest threats to the Black Hills water supply by killing one remnant of anthropogenic interference in former bison and wapiti habitat: Ponderosa pine infestation.

Preserve the legacy pine by saving them from the Neimans, clear cut without building new roads especially where doghair chokes aspen, birch or hazelnut, convert it to biodiesel, and burn, baby, burn.
Democratic US Senators are teaming up to ensure the longevity of American Indian languages:
Senator Jon Tester (D-Montana) is teaming up with Senators Tim Johnson (D-South Dakota), Mark Begich (D-Alaska), and Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) to preserve Native languages and help strengthen Indian culture and education. Tester and his colleagues this week introduced the Native Language Immersion Student Achievement Act. The bill establishes a grant program to fund Native language educational programs throughout Indian Country in order to improve high school graduation rates, increase college enrollment and better prepare students for jobs. [Indian Country Today]
Tester is expected to become chair of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.
Bishop Robert Gruss says his plea for the abolishment of the death penalty goes beyond religion and politics."The death penalty and the desire to appeal it, is not a political issue in my mind, it's not a religious issue in my mind, it's a life issue," said Gruss. [Alexa Block, KOTA teevee]
Republicans in South Dakota and Montana are preparing to wage civil uncivil war over whose agenda needs to be more detached from reality.
Attorney General Marty Jackly [sic] says he will oppose any effort to repeal the state’s death penalty during this year’s legislative session. The idea of repealing the death penalty has become a legislative focus for some since Sioux Falls Representative Steve Hickey said last month that he will introduce a bill to do so. Hickey, a pastor, has said he believes the death penalty does not prevent people from committing crimes or improves public safety. [KCCR Radio News]
South Dakota is preparing to kill an Anchorage, Alaska man for his part in the 2000 slaying of a Spearditch man.

Hickey has also spoken out against the state's insatiable thirst for violence and supports executive clemency for Leonard Peltier.

Jackley, of course, is merely an asshole.
Texas, South Dakota and Georgia have turned to private compounding pharmacies to make their pentobarbital. South Dakota already has executed two people using the drug from a private pharmacy. [Kevin O'Hanlon, Report: Grim future for U.S. death penalty, Lincoln Journal Star]
An embattled former South Dakota governor is soliciting for campaign donations from christofascist extremists. Mike Rounds told a Rapid City murder of Beckian crows that "America is not broken, but Washington D.C. is."

Crackers and wasicu aren't breeding anymore.

The earth hater party and the Church of the Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers interminably defend their historic rape of people of color and their war on women while Kulturkampf touts earth hatred supported by white man rule.

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