Friday, November 18, 2011

President Obama to the earth haters

I had to laugh like hell.

Red flag warning issued for all of NE New Mexico.


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freegan said...

freegan said...

A new alliance is needed to succeed. Throw out the old left/right paradigm. This is much much bigger. We must come together to end corporatism!

larry kurtz said...

Left, Lucifer; right, God. What good is one hand clapping, bro? Organize and occupy until unions in the US have the power to shape corporatism into the servant rather than as the master it is now.

Germany and France have a marriage of necessity. The US may be an empire: let's not squander it.

Bringing migrant workers into union efforts ensures solidarity over the means of production: call it left/right dancing.

Let the Right take capital offshore; foreign money will sweep in and negotiate with strong union voices who turn out to vote in higher numbers where environmental protection is upheld.

Adding Mexico as the 52nd State would bring new energy and diversity to DC...a trait now absent.

There's your new alliance, younger brother.

freegan said...