Thursday, December 12, 2013

Obamanomics dragging Dakotas into 21st Century

Kathy Tyler for Secretary of State!

Just a reminder: former SOS Gant employee, Pat Powers fled his hometown, least twice...for the Peoples Republic of Brookings. Why? Because the state's capital is a shit hole.

Real estate values in Brookings County are rebounding from the horrors of the Bush era.
Some officials in the Dakotas are sparring good-naturedly over whether the North or the South is better off. North Dakota's energy boom has money flowing into the state coffers and the state economy. But South Dakota also has a strong economy and low unemployment, and some leaders there say that state has a better quality of life. [KFGO, Fargo, North Fucking Dakota]
The forecast for the week shows Mr. Kurtenbach will continue to freeze his fucking ass off so this interested party can keep working on his tan.
In company news, Daktronics ( DAKT ) is up nearly 6% at $13.31 a share, earlier climbing to its best share price in nearly three years at $14.10 after posting fiscal Q2 earnings beating Wall Street expectations by $0.06 per share. The high-tech scoreboard and electronic displays company also topped analyst estimates with its quarterly revenue. [NASDAQ]
Disclosure: I'm long DAKT.

Like wiping yer elephant with a hula hoop, it's endless:
After the U.S. announced last month that its embassy to the Vatican would be re-locating to a shared compound in Rome, the NRSC couldn't resist the chance to characterize the move as the "latest anti-religion pursuit" by the Obama administration. The group launched a petition on its website with a photo of the President staring angrily at St. Peter's Basilica, coupled with the banner, "Obama Closes Vatican Embassy." [Tom Kludt, TPM]

Boycott Israel:

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