Maher: the first is Obama's "white term"

Virgin Group guru Richard Branson asked for a spliff at a White House reception the other day as this interested party remains hopeful that President Obama's second will be the Green Term.

From The Weed Blog:
USA vice president Joe Biden acknowledged the debate by visiting and meeting with state authorities in Latin America in early March to address the White House position of sticking to the criminal approach. Presidents from the region, including Felipe Calderón, from Mexico, and president Juan Manuel Santos from Colômbia, agreed to come to Guatemala on March 24 for a wide-ranging debate on the subject. The meeting will set the stage for a formal discussion at the annual Summit of the Americas, to take place in Cartagena, Colombia in April.
Meanwhile, the Gucci-wearing spiritual leader of pedophiles everywhere calls the embargo "useless" ahead of a visit to Cuba.

The Takeaway is a co-production of WNYC Radio and Public Radio International, in collaboration with The BBC World Service, New York Times Radio and WGBH Boston (oh, and Celeste Headlee is a stone cold fox).


freegan said...

Montana GOP Primary To Be Decided By Street Fight In Missoula [VIDEO]


larry kurtz said...

Franke Wilmer just tweeted that she was headed to Butte for St. Paddy's bash.

Drink 'til ya puke green! Yeehaw!

D.E. Bishop said...

I saw that episode of Maher's show. That was funny.

"Meanwhile, the Gucci-wearing spiritual leader of pedophiles. . ."

It really is heartbreaking that your description is accurate. What the boys in the Vatican are doing is so tragically sinful. Protecting the pedophiles has really rendered the whole place to have a putrescent odor.

larry kurtz said...

More tension ahead of papal visit.