High temperature records cascade in chemical toilet; kurtz recognized by Montana blogger

Extreme wildfire conditions span 1500 miles along the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains from the Sangre de Cristos in New Mexico to nearly the Canadian border. Nine western states experienced red flag warnings yesterday. The dust was so thick during 60MPH winds in Santa Fe yesterday that the street lights came on in mid-afternoon.

We may have a winner. Winner, S. Dakota to be exact, where the temp went to 94 yesterday. 94. In the Dakotas. In winter.
At least one tornado descended on the Sincanju in south central South Dakota.

Livestock producers argue the importance of grazing the High Plains. Fail! Wildfires this year have been most prevalent where cattle and sheep are decimating prairie grasslands.

President Obama appeared with Oprah Winfrey and other donors in Chicago according to ABC News:
“We’ve had a good day,” Obama continued. “It’s warm every place. It gets you a little nervous about what’s happening to global temperatures. But when it’s 75 degrees in Chicago in the beginning of March it gets you thinking…”
Mr. President: Rewild the West.

Kiazi's children, their faces wet.


Anonymous said...

did you know you had at least 6 trackers on this site?

larry kurtz said...

Crazy has its rewards. How do you know that?

Anonymous said...

do not track plus http://www.abine.com/dntdetail.php

larry kurtz said...

Yikes! It is impossible to trust anyone who chooses not to enunciate the letter t as the narrator in the video at the site you suggested does.

interested party has installed and allows tracking software from several sources.