Cuba is not the DPRK

President Obama addressed the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Vatican-based spiritual leader of organized crime conducted a gala mass gathering in Cuba.

Under the constitution, if Raul Castro were to leave office tomorrow, 81-year-old Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, current first vice president of the ruling Council of State, would succeed him until 2013, although he could be replaced sooner. "The dauphin over there is named Kim Jong-un; perhaps soon they will communicate to us that over here ours will be Alejandro Castro Espin," said human rights activist Elizardo Sanchez. But other Cubans discounted the possibility that the government would put another Castro in power, saying the Cuban system would not permit it.
LA Times:
In fact, the majority adhere to other faiths, including Santeria and similar practices based on indigenous and African traditions. Although recent surveys show that the vast majority of Cubans believe in "the divine," there is little institutional loyalty to established churches. Less than 5% of the population attends Catholic churches, possibly the lowest figure in Latin America.

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"the Vatican-based spiritual leader of organized crime"

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