His Eminence is/was a criminal

Breaking, Anwar al-Awlaki not dead!

Calling any cleric, "His Eminence" or "Reverend" is like calling Hannibal Lecter, "Chef."

AG Holder: bust these monsters, or better yet, Mr. Panetta, send drones to vaporize these criminals!

From an AP report posted at NPR:
Just before Bevilacqua died at age 88, a judge ruled him competent to testify at the trial of Monsignor William Lynn, who's accused of quietly shuffling priests suspected of molesting children to unwitting parishes while he was a high-ranking official at the archdiocese of Philadelphia from 1992 to 2004. Lynn's lawyers stressed that Lynn took his orders from Bevilacqua, who was never charged despite two grand jury reports that blasted the cardinal's leadership.


D.E. Bishop said...

I hate those bastards!

larry kurtz said...

His Child Raping Eminence: Vatican under fire in Italian probe.

larry kurtz said...

Theocons and Limbaugh driving women from earth hater party.

freegan said...

The more people start running from these two parties (both being fascist) the better. The awakening has begun.