President Carter touring with book on religion

President Carter's successor, earth hater icon Ronald Reagan, removed the photovoltaic cells from the roof of the White House destroying the country's momentum toward an energy-independent future.

Talk about a redeemer complex: President Carter is a busy guy at 87 plugging his new book, NIV Lessons from Life Bible: Personal Reflections with Jimmy Carter. He talked to The Huffington Post's Senior Religion Editor Paul Brandeis Raushenbush by phone. President Carter:
I happen to have an advantage there because I am a nuclear physicist by training and a deeply committed Christian. When we go to the Bible we should keep in mind that the basic principles of the Bible are taught by God, but written down by human beings deprived of modern day knowledge. So there is some fallibility in the writings of the Bible.
Retrograde is not the answer.

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Exactly. Exactly.