New iPad big hit; Ron Paul second in campaign cash

Think: insourcing.

This snip from the International Business Times reminds readers the value of good editors:
The New York Times found harsh and dangerous conditions workers were subjected to on a daily basis in iPad factories in a January investigative report. But on Friday, as the new iPad went on sale, some of the accusations of labor violations levelled against Apple by actor Mike Daisey, in an episode of the "This American Life" program on American Public Radio [sic], have been shown to be false.
Rep. Ron Paul (earth hater-TX) is still counting massive campaign proceeds. The NYT's Nick Confessore confesses:
Through the end of January, Mr. Paul had raised $31 million, putting him in second place to Mitt Romney in the race for campaign dollars and well ahead of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.


freegan said...

ZeitGeistLiveAustin on Jan 18, 2012
In this episode Tyson discusses Ron Paul's presidential run with local activist Matt Wood, Chad Fisher performs his Social Commentary, and the Khan Academy reaches out to students across the web!


larry kurtz said...

Huh? Karger schmoinks Ron Paul in Puerto Rico.