Archbishop: Irish Catholic Church on brink of collapse

Call it Republicannibalism.

From Bob Simon and CBS:
An Irishman named Diarmuid Martin says the Catholic Church in Ireland has reached a breaking point, a crisis that he says results from the sexual abuse of children by priests and the cover-up by the Church. Martin has provided tens of thousands of pages of evidence against specific priests, and his words and actions carry extraordinary weight. That's because Diarmuid Martin is the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Dublin.
House of cards, Ponzi scheme...choose your metaphor.

Sue the fuckers into the dustbin of history.


D.E. Bishop said...

Wow. WOW!! That archbishop is the one who ought to be lightning-fast-tracked to sainthood. Holy smoke!

I totally agree with you:
"Sue the fuckers into the dustbin of history."

That would probably be the best thing to happen to the folks in Roman Catholic pews in a couple millenia. They could finally get their church back. Hopefully hierarchy would be reduced 90%.

D.E. Bishop said...

I sent the link you provided for this story to several of my churchly friends. (Several of them have friends in high places too.) They were astonished. The news is traveling quickly. Great!

billyw in lutherville said...

the only solution to the scumbags who run the churhc is bankruptcy.

Benedict, true to his german roots, UNexcommunciated Bishop williamson, a holocaust denier

http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/erbe/2009/02/05/pope-should-excommunicate-holocaust-denying-bishop-williamson?msg=1 - comments

Benedict,. who helped to hide the molestation of children.


It appears Benedict was sent by God, who finally awakened from his slumbers and realized the catholic church is the Islam of the west.

Take a look at this website and you will see what benedict learned from his churhc, growing up in Nazi Germany