More pink slime discovered; will Ron Paul defect?

h/t Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers:

Much of SE Montana is under a red flag warning today. A fire outside of Havre near the Canadian border cleared at least 12,000 acres yesterday.

NASA snow cover maps contrast 2011-12.

Scientific American charts warming oceans' influence on thunderstorms.

A Bozeman Libertarian has entered the HD63 legislative race. The incumbent earth hater, Tom Burnett, is also opposed by Democrat Marty Livingston.


freegan said...

Democrat or Republican are the twin parties of war and fascism.
ron paul: barack obama is "preaching inflation...economic fascism"http://youtu.be/8TS7Jf6XBjQ http://youtu.be/1SGlDpVgGgk

larry kurtz said...

Think Rep. Paul will leave the GOP race and join with Gary Johnson at Libertarian convention?

freegan said...

I don't know but could possible gather a larger crowd???Whats your take?

larry kurtz said...

My guess is Paul would have to step down as a Congress member or face criticism for switching parties especially in a state where Governor Perry has shot himself in both feet politically and would appoint some other earth hater to finish the term.

It's not impossible that Johnson wins the Libertarian convention and Paul would be veep candidate.

It would be a fun development in the 2012 race.

larry kurtz said...

Here is a blurb from the official Paul website touting his chances against the President.