Petitions to remove bigot Montana judge posted; President could appoint a Native

A Bush-appointed Montana judge who forwarded a misogynistic email that exposed the rotting underbelly of his earth hater party should go away. A petition calling for his self-deportation from the bench has been posted by the Montana Human Rights Network.

D. Gregory Smith's From Eternity to Here.

Turtle Talk Law has a series of links on Judge Richard Cebull's tribal law record.

This guy could take down the entire Montana Republican Party. JournoGod John S. Adams at the Great Falls Tribune:
A spokeswoman for Sen. Jon tester [sic], D-Mont., said her boss also is monitoring the situation. "Jon is concerned by the situation because it calls into question a lack of judgment by a federal judge,"Andrea Helling said. "Jon wants all the facts, and he'll be closely watching this story."
Diane Rehm Show discussing Cebull.


President Obama: please appoint an American Indian to the post.

Montana Public Radio hosted discussion here.

Petition to impeach at change.org

Lord Howe Island Stick Insect hatching from Zoos Victoria on Vimeo.

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