Wolves essential to western forest health

Breaking from the Billings Gazette:
Scientists say in a new study that the return of gray wolves has dramatically altered the landscape in portions of Yellowstone National Park, by curbing foraging elk herds that prevented new aspen, willow and cottonwood trees from taking root.
The study will be published in the scientific journal Biological Conservation.

Connect the dots.

To fix the global economy: "Put a price on carbon." --Jessica Mathews president, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

From the Santa Cruz Sentinel:
Plying through the infamous "Garbage Patch" in the North Pacific, a solar-powered catamaran gobbles up fishing nets, plastic bags and Styrofoam blocks, and then shoves them into a high-temperature cooker to convert the litter to fuel. This fuel propels the boat farther to devour more plastic - until every large piece has been scooped up. The hurdles include rewriting state pollution laws such as California's to reclassify "pyrolysis" and "alternative fuels," and creating financial credits and incentives for plastic fuel technology.
Rewild the West.

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