Adams go-to guy on Montana politics; more on mushrooms and sex

Junkies can follow the Great Falls Tribune's John S. Adams twitter feed here.

His astute command of the Montana races is on display in this piece where he quotes an expert on the politics of The Last Best Place:
"I think, in an overall sense, this election season is probably going to have as high of a temperature as we've ever had," said longtime Montana political analyst Craig Wilson, a political science professor at Montana State University-Billings. "I've been commenting on Montana politics going back 30 years, and I can't think of a year where there's been so many races and so much controversy as this coming year."
Marnee Banks may be the go-to gal.

Let's turn Montana blue.

What ip already knows: wild mushrooms taste like sex.

Check out David Newquist's post on Mitt Romney and mormonism. Dr. Newquist reminds readers that cannabis activists expect President Obama to lead on reforms.


Anonymous said...

Adams STILL needs to apologize for his hit piece on Walt Schweitzer. BTW, that story never DID get legs! Or even digits!


larry kurtz said...

Clear it up for me, Lar?