ip readers blow Iowa; Wyo facing red state collapse

Whoops, we blew it.

Who wins Iowa?
1 (10%)

6 (60%)

3 (30%)

This post in August looks nearly prescient, however.

Got the LDS church down, though:

Is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints a cult?
1 (14%)

Hell Yes
5 (71%)

Okay, maybe
1 (14%)

And we dialed Newt Gingrich right down to his scivvies.

Would you want Newt's finger anywhere near The Button?
1 (8%)

Hell No
11 (91%)

Wyoming Public Radio and the Trib are sad places this morning.


More death. While researching for this story Jeremy Fugleberg tweeted that his findings on Wyoming's workplace cowboy culture were making him "hot under the collar."

The good news is that Rapid City-based Black Hills Corp. is reducing its force as coal falls out of favor among energy brokers.

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