Kirkeby, Venner first in line to be drug tested

I've smoked pot with Mark Venner. The Venner family corporation receives ag subsidies, test it: isn't it a person? Every ag producer should have to test to receive federal help.

Rapid City lawgiver and weed smoker, Mark Kirkeby, says he will introduce legislation that would require testing for substances not yet legal under federal law before receiving public assistance.

The Noem corporation receives public assistance: test Rep. Noem.

DM sez in the RCJ:
Last year, Kirkeby's bill was defeated 8-5 in committee. Venner's passed out of committee 8-7 but failed 36-32 in the full House.
Fucking idiots. Looks like KW thinks so, too.


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Just say now.

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"Larry: There is no good reason to ban the ceremonial use of peyote. That doesn't mean that this practice has constitutional immunity. That was the finding in Employment Division v. Smith. It's a judgment call. A state might, for example, allow ceremonial use of peyote for adults but not for children. It might do the same thing for communion wine. These are matters for legislatures."

Posted by: Ken Blanchard | Jan 16, 2012 12:15:28 AM