New Mexicans occupy ALEC dinner

During the CNN debate last night the earth haters were asked which Latino(a)s were important to the earth hater party. Dipshit New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez' name was mentioned.

KUNM alerted ip to a ruckus in town.

The guest of New Mexico legislator Bill Rehm suffered a scratched cornea during a confrontation according to Steve Terrell of the New Mexican:
A protest at a dinner held by the politically conservative American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, apparently turned physical Wednesday night after a small group of Occupy Santa Fe protesters went inside the Eldorado hotel and disrupted the event. Jeff Haas, who identified himself as a spokesman for the protesters, said in an email to The New Mexican, "While Occupy believes that confrontation and civil disobedience are often effective as demonstrated by Dr. King and Rosa Parks, we regret that anyone was injured last night by either flying paper or rough treatment by hotel security or ALEC members. Fortunately the injuries were minor compared to the devastation to people and the environment caused by ALEC legislation."
Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu was just down the road yesterday at the Sandia National Laboratories’ National Solar Thermal Test Facility. KUNM has the broadcast.

A month ago, ip was leaving Santa Fe for Deadwood just as Gary Johnson was announcing his intention to leave the earth hater party for the Libertarian Party.

Red to Blue 2012: MT-AL (Rehberg-open)

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