Tango down!

US Department of Justice usdoj.gov TANGO DOWN. Cause ur doing shits bitches. #Megaupload #Anonymous #Eatcock. We are legion. Expect us.
The communiques occurred all day long yesterday starting in the wee hours. BMI, the music distributor was taken down and is down at this posting, too.

BBC Livestation is hosting discussion of the aftermath.

One of the largest online protests in the history of the internet prompted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to back away from legislation ostensibly designed to protect intellectual property from piracy.

Revolution via @twitter: has the LulzBoat begun Endgame?

Come occupy the courts with us! Today and tomorrow! In #solidarity with #OccupyWallStWest ows.re-configure.org #OWS.
Reuters: DoJ linked to banksters...duh.

Karin Eagle filed at report for Native Sun News of the Winyan Ituwan, or Vision of the Women, who met in the first of four gatherings in Porcupine.

A Deadwood couple was popped after allegedly selling "synthetic marijuana" from a former brothel.

Two thirds of American voters would support a third party candidate. Gary Johnson wants to tap into that.

While the other earth haters have been all over the polling graphs Ron Paul has enjoyed a very steady climb in popularity.

Zinda, his face black, his eyes red.


Bill Dithmer said...

“The bottom line is that the people who manufacture and distribute this stuff are in it for only one thing — money — at the expense of the people who are buying the product. “

That sounds a lot like agriculture, no gambling, no Tabaco, no alcohol, no shrimp, no fuel, maybe cars, no guns ya that's it guns. Pharmaceuticals, water in bottles, soda pop, and candy bars.

As much as I dislike fake drugs sold to anybody this is the dumbest fucking statement that I have ever read about protecting the public from itself that I have ever seen. Really it seems like some of these people "Fuller" are going to run for something and this is just a way to get votes in the future.

I feel sorry for the people in the hills if they have to buy crap like this to pretend they are getting high. Just another argument for the legalization of not just medical marijuana but just plain old marijuana!

Even a Blindman can smell shit when its under his nose.

larry kurtz said...

Exactly, Bill.

This cartoon in the RCJ also says it pretty well.