President sharpens big stick; was Slave Lake Fire pyroterrorism?

Wyoming, North and South Dakota will likely never vote for a Democratic president who is black. Closing Warren, Minot, and Ellsworth but leaving Malmstrom, Grand Forks, and Offutt to anchor the northern nukes would be mostly painless for the party of Truman.

Make it so, Mr. President.

Globalization is evolution. The US must be a strong leader, but model compassion and democracy, messy as it is. The United States of Earth can happen in our lifetimes.

Any of you xenophobes who has seen this Hawking piece on Discovery is a fool to believe that we do not need Cuba, Iran, North Korea, yep, even Russia in our community.

Believing that the Vulcans will be landing outside Bozeman to save humanity in 2063 and that ip is a temporal ambassador from a future United Federation of Planets might be my Faith as it is bounded by the same facts employed by christians; but, we all know the timeline can be altered.

Statehood for the tribes and for Mexico now.

Listen to primary coverage on New Hampshire Public Radio.

Last year's Slave Lake Fire in Canada likely caused by arson. Was it a weaponized wildfire?


Michael Shay said...

IP: You are probably correct on your first point -- SD, ND and WY will never vote for a Democratic president who is black. But it will be a hot January day in Minot before Cheyenne's FE Warren closes. The big guns (and nukes) will be out in force to keep that place open. And I might join them, if only to keep a dash of atomic danger and international flair in Cheyenne.

larry kurtz said...

Record January temps in Minot just this week, Mr. Shay...careful what you wish for.

Was through Cheyenne on my way to Santa Fe believing i would escape winter only to be blasted by a blizzard while the Hills get record warmth.


Anonymous said...