Earth haters debate: part n

From left to right as we saw them:

Rick Perry: very handsome, mostly self-educated, passionate, W with better hair. Polling at about 30% in his own state of Texas. Perry will be gone after South Carolina.

Rick Santorum: i get the sense that he will say anything, do anything, kill anyone who gets in his way.

Mitt Romney: he is so scripted somebody else probably undresses him for bed. His delivery is peppered with oblique racist code intended to assure his minders that even though he's weaker than Gingrich on foreign policy he will protect the oligarchy.

He's doing somebody other than his wife...i can spot a cheater like a vulture spots a corpse.

Newt: yeah, he's a ball buster and took the whip to Juan Williams nearly reducing the former NPR news analyst to a lip-quivering meltdown bringing the mostly white audience to within microns of a lynching.

Could you imagine living with Newt? He's got a hair weave, right? He's certainly qualified for the job but working for him would be worse than working for Bill Janklow except that his finger would be too near The Button. The Nott Mitt crowd is trapped wondering whether another college professor should be Chief Executive.

Ron Paul: he certainly has the look of a kindly old man. He's in it for the duration and will be nipping at Mitt's ankles all the way to the convention.

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