Barth expected to run against Democratic Party

US House candidates in Montana, Democrats Franke Wilmer, Dave Strohmaier, and Kim Gillan are embracing our party's platform and leaders.

In South Dakota, one Democrat is running his US House primary campaign in South Dakota while ignoring his President.

Minnehaha County Commissioner Jeff Barth posted comments at Madville Times that suggest that he intends to court voters outside our party:
I am running hard, I plan to win the primary and I plan to work for the United States and the State of South Dakota in the US Congress. With my pragmatic views and lifetime of experience I am just the right person to do that.
He goes on to say:
Clearly the only way Tea Party candidates can win election in this state is be sure that we don’t do too much to educate. An example of this is where Noem asks for more spending on Lewis and Clark, more spending on Missouri flood relief, more money for Pine Beetles, etc., more tax cuts for business and billionaires and then purports to want a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution. All that from our current trillion dollar deficit position. Simple arithmetic would show that you can’t spend more, reduce your income and balance the budget. But perhaps that is too difficult for those who remain in the state to comprehend.
Huh? That's not how the President or our party phrases our predicament, Jeff; we are the party of the future, the party of solutions. Courting the middle of the general electorate is a waste of time during the primary season.

ip asked Barth twice to tell readers what he would like to show or where he would like to take President Obama when he visits South Dakota later this year. Barth has yet to answer.

In contrast, South Dakota War College, a mouthpiece for the GOP in the chemical toilet, has attacked candidate Matt Varilek for his support of the President. That assault suggests that the earth haters are more afraid of Matt.

Get on board, Mr. Barth, and talk like a Democrat or ip will do everything in my power to ensure that you suffer defeat to Matt Varilek.


Anonymous said...

Democrats and republicans are parties that are about fade after all they are nearly one and the same! They represent their corporate masters and not us common folk!

larry kurtz said...

@thinkprogress FACT: The richest President ever was George Washington. His net worth in 2010 dollars was $525 million.

Anonymous said...

2008 campaign costliest in U.S. history. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1108/15283.html. (Reuters) - The number of donors who raise big money for President Barack Obama jumped in the last three months as he builds a war chest for what will likely be the costliest presidential election ever. They will need something in return!

larry kurtz said...

We all get something in return:

President Obama against Bush43 in job growth.

Anonymous said...

Politicians should wear uniforms like nascar drivers so we could idenify their corporate sponsors!

larry kurtz said...

This interested party has evolved.

Please join me in supporting Jeff Barth in his primary bid to be our party's nominee to challenge the incumbent currently holding South Dakota's seat in the US House of Representatives.