Fires blacken Blackfeet as Rehberg Dennygrates Montana

Update, 0800 MST:

Browning firefighters advance containment overnight after high winds created a fire weather emergency near Browning. So far, the Boy Fire has cleared 45,000 acres.


As grass fires surge through north central Montana and watersheds collapse, that state's lone representative in the US House has dug in his heels.

Denny Rehberg is an earth hater who lost millions in an economy he voted to ruin and is owned by the petrochemical and extractive industries who are giving him millions to defeat aspen restoration in The Last Best Place.

Mike Dennison of the Montana Standard filed the story:
U.S. Sen. Jon Tester's stalled forest bill continued to cause partisan sparks this week, as his electoral opponent, U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, said he has helped block the measure because "the only thing guaranteed in that legislation is (new) wilderness." The bill, introduced by Tester in 2010, would create 660,000 acres of new wilderness areas in three western Montana national forests: The Kootenai, Lolo and Beaverhead-Deer Lodge. It also requires the U.S. Forest Service to offer up 100,000 acres in the same forests for logging over 15 years. "That's exactly why we haven't had (much) logging done for 30 years or had any wilderness for 30 years," Tester said. "(The mill owners) have moved forward, and Rehberg is still stuck in the past."
Occupy the Courts.

Rewild the West.

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