Who owns Mike Rounds? Obese South Dakota blog bully on full whine

I had to laugh like Hell.
You know, I’m shameless when it comes to candidate and VIP photos. But after I get them, I always think I look terrible in them. Case in point, one I just got today from a few months back. It was a good event, and Mike was an excellent speaker. But I look at myself, and go “yuck." Maybe I’m as hypercritical of myself as I’ve ever been, and just hate photos of myself because it amplifies it, as I’m doing so today as I choose an official “Realtor” photo, and find myself rejecting most of them. Anyway, here’s a picture of US Senate candidate Mike Rounds and myself. (At least the guy on the left looks good).--Pat Powers, South Dakota War Toilet.

Previously at interested party:

South DaCola is keeping the heat under Sen. Stan Adelstein's call for an investigation of Jason Gant and the Secretary of State's alleged collusion with former employee, Pat Powers to engineer an ALEC-inspired red map strategy.

Ryan Lengerich of the Rapid City Journal brought readers up to speed:
If Gant decides not to resign, Adelstein said he will ask colleagues in the House of Representatives to call for an impeachment at next year's legislative session. Doing so would cause a distraction Adelstein said he would rather avoid by having Gant resign. “We have more problems in South Dakota than incompetence and a possibly dishonest Secretary of State," Adelstein said. “I don’t want these matters shoved aside for something like an impeachment.”
The Rapid City Journal believes an investigation should be conducted and now the Watertown Public Opinion thinks so, too.

We all know this thing goes so much deeper. How much deeper?

Pat Powers is morbidly obese, now the load on his health is taking its toll.

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