Lalley: Pierre still a shit hole; Argus bureau unlikely

Sioux Falls Argus Leader editor Patrick Lalley apparently still believes Pierre is best left to the ownership of corrupt christofascists: listen to it here.

Where to start?

South Dakota's governor Dennis Daugaard says he's a conservative; yet, he has begged for billions from the Obama administration. His predecessor's office where he was lieutenant governor and his current bureaucracy have trafficked Native kids, exploited the federal EB-5 green card scam, and is quietly expanding a Medicaid safety net for those not yet voting for his party. A former legislator insisting she is even farther to his right has threatened to run against him in a GOP gubernatorial primary even as an 'independent' and a Constitutional Party member announce.

An isolated capital not worth covering year round except by two and a half white catholic reporters who have been in bed with Republicans for decades is a recipe for corruption.

Kangaroo campaign: how do you make this shit up?

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