Hartmann: Kochtopus leading plot to destroy America

The Dulles Brothers and the CIA knew Lee Harvey Oswald was crazy.
Because they fund so many different pieces of what has become the Libertarian/Republican machine, this notion that government is bad somehow, that Reagan introduced in his first inaugural. The thing that people have to get is, you know, if you don’t like government, that’s fine, but if you take government out of the way, if you take—if you stop administering the commons by the government, there’s an enormous vacuum. And there’s a whole lot of billionaires who are just waiting to step into that vacuum. So, if we don’t have government regulation, for example, of, you know, smokestack things, then the Kochs make more money, but all the rest of us get more cancers. [Thom Hartmann: interview, DemocracyNow!]
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he has the votes to go nuclear.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post Larry! I used to listen to Thom Hartman all the time on the old Air America while living in the Twin Cities. I need to start watching their shows online. Thank you! Lynn G.

larry kurtz said...

What a nice thing to say, Lynn. Thanks for coming by.