Lakota activist urges Spearditch brewer to can Bear Butte brand

James Swan is the founder of the United Urban Warrior Society: in June, 2011, Swan led a successful campaign to stop oil drilling near Bear Butte (Mato Paha).

His protest of a Lee-owned newspaper spotlighted Rapid City's rank legacy of hatred. Evelyn Red Lodge of Native Sun News reported at indianz that Swan took on the publishers of the Rapid City Journal:
Swan was spurred to action while participating in a recent protest of Rapid City Journal policies considered anti-Native American. The protest took place in front of the Journal’s downtown building. Swan is confident he will gain support from area organizations and community members. He also asks that anyone who feels they have been discriminated against by the Rapid City Journal and those who want to offer support contact him at (605) 381-8612 or unitedurbanwarriorsociety@yahoo.com.
Recently, Swan made news again after his lobbying of Crow Peak Brewery caused the beer meisters to rename their nut-brown ale:
"Bear Butte is a sacred place, probably one of the most sacred places in western South Dakota to the Lakota people as well as the Northern Cheyenne Tribe," said Swan. "It's not discriminatory, it's just the very fact that you're associated alcohol with Bear Butte." The canned beer remains in liquor stores through the Black Hills but Swan says he won't protest the sale of the craft brew. [Joe McHale, KOTA]
I like 'Nipple Butte Nut Brown Ale' named after a geologic feature just over Lookout Mountain from the stupid little white ditch:

The Billings Gazette was anointed with three blessings from Lee Enterprises for outstanding displays of earth hatred under the guise of journalism.

At Intelligent Discontent, Don Pogreba skewers Lee Enterprises over its disappointing news; lizard's take on Lee here.

Responsible branding should be the norm.

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