Jewell: more acres slated for tribal homelands

For Interior, the event highlighted the work we are doing on a number of issues – including a top priority of restoring tribal homelands. Placing land into trust secures these homelands for tribes, which in turn facilitates economic development and promotes health and welfare of tribal communities.
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Rewild the West.


IndyWriter said...

From interested Party of Western Shoshone. This is a legacy of crap - another offense against Tribes. I understand 10 Million Acres to be restored to Tribes over the next decade. No good intentions here. There is a land transfer pending for my Tribe (Nevada Native Nations Land Restoration Act 2013, introduced and referred to Committee). There will be not Environmental Impact Statement and no due diligence prior to transfer of title of land to Tribes. It will be fast tracked and finalized before Tribes know what happened. Tribes will then be tasked with discovery of abandoned pipelines, old toxic minesites and god knows what else. Watch your backs or you will end up with a Superfund site on your restored land!

larry kurtz said...

Thanks for the comment, Jennifer. More on H.R.2455 -- Nevada Native Nations Lands Act.

larry kurtz said...

Interesting intersection: Wyoming caught between livestock grazing and expanding military training on BLM ground.