Journal editors suspicious of Powertech permit, too

The South Dakota Board of Minerals and Environment has delayed hearing additional testimony on a water permit Powertech Uranium has been steering into Fall River and Custer Counties. Dakota Rural Action attended the proceedings and broke the news yesterday.
The purpose of the state boards is not to rubber-stamp Powertech’s applications but to extract as much factual information from the company about its plans. It would appear from both hearings that there is still more to learn about Powertech’s mining proposal. [Rapid City Journal editorial board]
Former Rapid City Journal reporter Kayla Gahagan has been covering the permit process. She wonders in the Black Hills Pioneer: Will Powertech mine be bonded?

Adam Hurlbut penned an outstanding essay also published in the Pioneer:
The Christensen Ranch/Willow Creek in situ uranium mine is located on Wyoming rancher John Christensen’s family ranchland, which he still uses for his family’s original intended purpose as well. According to a Dec. 26, 2012 feature article on in situ uranium mining on Christensen’s property published by non-profit investigative journalism organization ProPublica, Christensen was never told about the excursions beneath his property, including one that spread contaminants outside the mine permit boundary for six years. [Hurlbut, Who are we permitting?]
Several tribal nations are leading protests against the mysterious offshore company attempting another incursion onto stolen treaty grounds. Native Sun News' Talli Nauman published a story at Indianz as part of a series on water.

Stock in Powertech is trading lower on the news. Richard Clement, Chairman and CEO, is based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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