Holy Roman Kiddie Diddlers pushing ABQ anti-rights vote, updated

Rich women have full reproductive rights while women at lower income levels do not.
While the measure is only a municipal ban, not a statewide ban, it would affect women far outside of Albuquerque. Neighboring Texas enacted a 20-week ban on abortions earlier this year, so most women across Texas and New Mexico have to drive to Albuquerque for an abortion if a difficult situation arises late into her pregnancy. [Laura Bassett, Huffington Post]

Albuquerque voters are headed to the polls today to decide whether the city can deny women their civil rights after twenty weeks of pregnancy.
Roman Catholic Archbishop Michael Sheehan of Santa Fe is urging Albuquerque parishioners to vote for the ban on late-term abortions, which does not include any exceptions for things like rape, fetal anomalies or threats to the mother’s life. If the referendum passes, a legal challenge is expected. Attorney General Gary King, a Democrat, has said he believes the law is unconstitutional. [AP, Santa Fe New Mexican]
If passed, this law would have a chilling effect on the Establishment Clause, too.

King has announced his intention to run for governor, a seat now held by catholic earth hater, Susana Martinez. Martinez is considered by some to be veep material on the 2016 earth hater party presidential ticket.

The diocese of Gallup, N.M., has formally started the process of bankruptcy, citing the costs incurred by a growing number of sex-abuse claims. On Nov. 12, the diocese filed for Chapter 11 reorganization in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Albuquerque, N.M., Bishop James Wall said in a letter to parishioners that was posted on the diocesan website Nov. 11. [National Catholic Reporter]
How can you make this shit up?

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