Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rapid's racism rampant

American Indians living in Rapid City should arm themselves against KKK, christian identity and gun supporters like Ed Randazzo. Patti Jo King of Indian Country Media Today Network tells readers:
After having heart surgery at Rapid City Regional Hospital (RCRH) in Rapid City, South Dakota, [Vernon] Traversie had scars on his abdomen described by several eyewitnesses as “carvings” or “brandings” of the letters KKK.
As temperatures rise in Pennington County expect accompanying violence.

Ten percent of American Indians have been victims of violence. That rate is much higher in South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming. The election of a radical white christian as mayor of Rapid City could make life for Native Americans even more difficult there. From Indian Country Today:
During his six-year term on the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, Chairman Arlan Melendez of the Reno Sparks Indian Colony saw more than his share of racism, discrimination and hate crimes against Native Americans. “We know from hearings in Montana, New Mexico and South Dakota that hate crimes are continuing to happen against Native Americans, mostly in border towns near our reservations,” he said, citing a soon-to-be released report developed by the U.S. Civil Rights Commission that compiled testimony in 2009 about hate crimes from hundreds of Americans Indians. In her 2007 book “Anti-Indianism in Modern America,” Native American Studies professor Elizabeth Cook-Lynn said, “There has been little attempt by legal authorities or anyone else to understand the phenomenon of racially motivated violence in these communities."
Here's part of how she describes the state of race politics to readers of the Rapid City Journal:
Sadly, the tea party gives us the narrative of the offspring of the early immigrants who are coming to the sad conclusion that they can no longer "take" the land and the resources as their forebears did. But their belief that they are entitled to do so is a strong belief in the idea that any worthwhile history in this country is their history. Make no mistake, this cry of "take our country back" by the tea partiers is about race, skin color and discrimination. This never works on the long term in a country, nor did it work in Nazi Germany decades ago. It didn't even work when Red Cloud signed a treaty in 1868 at Fort Laramie that said white men had to show their "papers" to get permission to enter the Great Sioux Lands of the West. Apparently, Custer has won the war in the minds of American settlers everywhere, thus, "taking" America and "taking back" America are synonymous historically.
In Washington state:
Students in Richland school classes won’t read an award-winning book by a Northwest author in the foreseeable future. The Richland School Board voted 3-2 this week to prohibit use of “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie in classrooms of any grade level.
But you can bring your phone into middle school and play video games that simulate the decapitation of a person of color.


David Newquist said...

Good work, Larry.

larry kurtz said...

Thanks, David: like peeing in a dark suit, however.

Thad Wasson said...

I.P.- racism goes both ways and there's plenty of Native on Native violence in Rapid along with the Rez.

Kooiker has gone out of his way to appease North Rapid and even moved the location of the polling precinct in order to get more Lakota to vote.

larry kurtz said...

Did you read Rep. Charlie Hoffman's comments at Madville Times, Thad? If they aren't racially paranoid, i'll kiss his lily-white ass.

larry kurtz said...

lizard at 4and20 Blackbirds just might have the remedy re racist Rapid.

larry kurtz said...

Traversie sues RCRH: RCJ.