Segall: Biden administration inherited depleted civil service, hostile judiciary, Jim Crow relics

Craig Holt Segall is Assistant Chief Counsel of the California Air Resources Board, a Visiting Assistant Scholar at UCLA Law, and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh Law School and is married to Lilly Allen, who grew up in our Red Rock Road/Baja Waldo neighborhood. She is the recently resigned Chair of the Sacramento County Parks and Recreation Commission now a Master’s candidate at the University of Edinburgh. They stayed at our casita before disembarking on their sojourn in Scotland. Photo lifted from Lilly's Faceberg page. Her dad sent me the link to Craig's paper.
The climate problem is too big for any one government to take it on—including the federal government. The Biden administration, as it confronts this challenge, should embrace the irony that the Trump administration has left it a gift: an engaged, effective, and growing network of subnational actors. [Segall, conclusion, Networked Federalism: Subnational Governments in the Biden Era]

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