Neighbor Rick takes second in Santa Fe art show

Before Covid the Baja Waldo/Red Rock Road geezers met for breakfast every other Tuesday or so. We're a pretty diverse group for a gaggle of sometimes seven or eight old white guys.

Several are local celebrities.

Before he passed Kosta was a retired orthopedic surgeon. Arlen is a Korean War vet, retired music teacher jazz musician and New Mexico State Treasure. Phil is a Vietnam vet and silversmith whose work goes all over the globe. Steve is an author, photographer and retired college professor. Bob is a photographer and retired teacher who taught English as a second language in Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand. Riendo is a retired builder erecting a yurt with wife, Lori. Lyric, who with his wife, Penny operate a lavender farm. And another is a political blogger with his remaining hair on fire. All of us generate our electricity with photovoltaic arrays and minimize the solid waste generated by each household.

And Rick is a retired builder and artist who just won second place in the Santa Fe Reporter's Illustrator’s Cup portrait/caricature category!

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