Weiland to speak with Fall River Dems

As Mike Rounds scrambles to pay off campaign debts to Larry Pressler, Annette Bosworth and others South Dakota Democrats are regrouping.
The Fall River Democrats will gather for their monthly potluck and meeting at the home of Catherine Radcliff in Hot Springs, at 5:30 p.m., on Tuesday, July 28. The event will feature special guest Rick Weiland, the 2014 Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate seat. [Hot Springs Star]
Pressler was recruited for the 2014 US Senate race by Republican strategists to run as a liberal siphoning resources and votes from Democrat Weiland.

South Dakota's senior senator, ethically compromised Republican John Thune, is considered vulnerable to defeat in 2016. Thune is South Dakota's Bob Menendez.

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