Rainbow Gathering small but colorful

Update, 19 July, 0652 MDT: the Rapid City Journal editorial board must read this blog:
While concerns that the Rainbow Family would trash their Black Hills campsite led to law enforcement putting a magnifying glass on their gathering, significant damage was occurring on remote trails and roads. [OURS: Damage to forest roads a problem for all]

A visitor to the Black Hills during the annual Gathering of the Rainbow Family of Living Light has posted images and commentary from the event.
In addition to creation stories, we had a number of workshops after dinner, some of which including information sessions on Leonard Peltier, conversations on how to further a Rainbow-Lakota alliance, stopping the Keystone Pipeline, and much more. Chase Ironeyes [sic], a treaty council member, led some of these and he was joined by some of the young tocala warriors.
Read it here.

While visitors from outside South Dakota left their site pristine locals continue to trash the place.

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