Obama promises veto of 'Save American Workers Act of 2015'

In an effort to chip away at ObamaCare the slash and burn wing of the Republican Party including South Dakota's congressional delegation are shoving the mal-named Save American Workers Act of 2015 (HR30) into the nether regions of Americans.
[...This week, the Congressional Budget Office said the legislation would prompt 1 million people to be dropped from employer coverage, pushing from 500,000 to 1 million people onto government insurance and increasing the number with no insurance by hundreds of thousands. That would raise federal spending by $53.2 billion over the next decade. Democrats called the measure a misguided effort to undermine a health care law that has steeply lowered the number of uninsured in the country and has helped slow the growth of health care costs.
Read it all here.

If Montana's Ryan Zinke has anything to do with this bill you know it sucks.

To paraphrase Barry Goldwater: extremism in the defense of Koch Industries is no vice.

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