Gender dysphoria linked to environmental contaminants

I am not convinced that a person's sexual preference is determined at conception or at birth. I have lived with or near more LGBTQ people than many have and every story is different: from hatred of a parent to exposure to hormone-producing environmental contaminants and lack of circumcision. Women bullied or abused by men for most of their lives or men growing up with a cold or absent father have been reasons given for personal choices.

I began life left-handed but my father switched me because of his experience the military is geared for the right-handed and although I've never had sexual contact with another man in 61 years and a day there was a time when androgyny seemed right for me.

No serious discussion of issues associated with gender identity can be undertaken without the studying the effects of phthalates and other plasticizers on human genetics.
And there are a great many chemicals to which such women may be exposed environmentally with the potential to affect thyroid hormones, among them PBDEs, PCBs, BPA, various pesticides, perfluorinated compounds and certain phthalates. [What are we doing to our children's brains?]
Packaging, packaging, packaging! Phthalate-laden bottled water alone makes up 1.5 million tons of plastic each year.

This blog has been chronicling gender bending chemicals in the environment from its beginning.

Here are twenty ways to just say no to plastic.

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larry kurtz said...

Miranda Gohn is not what she says she is. What do fat, white people all have in common besides being far greater burdens on American health care than those who exercise regularly? They all say cannabis is dangerous to young adults while also saying efforts to reduce childhood obesity, like a sugar or soda tax, is over-regulation, government overreach or nanny-statism.